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Our soil is crammed with plants!
Many of them are not only tasty, but also have some incredible healing powers!

A short introduction to our project „Nature And You … a perfect team!

In the case of many illnesses and woes, nature helps us to alleviate the symptoms and help us to heal. It i
s always better, in nature after medicinal herbs, energy places, etc. than using drugs to suppress the symptoms and thus at the same time poison our body with chemicals.

Healing! Something that our „school medicine“ doesn’t even know!

Nature is so much, here’s the right solution for EVERY problem!

Here is just a small (actually minimal) insight of plants that heal us and keep us healthy:

  • While ginger „heats up“ the body, relieves pain and helps us clean, we can use stevia to sweeten our food without eating refined sugar (and thus becoming fat, sick and unhappy)
  • Or we enjoy the everywhere growing nettle (which, contrary to all expectations, tastes very delicate) to help our body to discharge the ingested poisons (of which unfortunately there is more than enough).
    By the way, it provides us with a lot of vitamins, proteins and the important secondary plant active ingredients
  • The last example is hemp, which is not the „devil’s herb“ that the system wants to hammer us in – but a millennia-old (!) old crop that is not only extremely healthy and healing(!), but can also be used in other ways and SUSTAINABLE. Be it as paper (wi
    thout chemicals as opposed to wood!), clothing (without chemicals as in cotton!), hygiene and care articles, etc.

Why is it so important to know the healing powers of nature?

With natural means that heal(!) and then perhaps also can be grown and cultivated at home, or (even worse) grow in forest and hallway, you can‘t make any money!

As you know, there is no need for more reasons to lie to people!

Our system accepts that people are deprived of healthy and often healing products – and this out of sheer GREEd!

For this reason, knowledge of medicinal herbs, other medicinal plants (and methods) and the healing powers of nature as a whole is also silenced and defamed.

Only YOU can change the world!

And here again, the importance of taking responsibility for the same is clear.

If we rely on „the system“ to represent our interests and concerns, we will perish!

It is up to us and each and every one of us to take a better, more sustainable and more humane path!

And the first step in making our world a better one is to make one’s own life and the immediate environment better than we are imagined by „above“.

In this sense, it is important to have a proper „base“, i.e. a healthy body and a developed mind!